How to watch YouTube on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV has changed the way we view television today. Thanks to this, our televisions have become smarter than before. Today, we can get to see content from various countries and various platforms right inside our rooms. So, does this mean that you can stream YouTube as well on your Fire TV? Earlier, you could! Not anymore, though!

The feud between Google and Amazon got uglier when Google removed YouTube from Amazon Fire TV. YouTube is also one of the most popular video platforms in the world. So if you have Fire TV enabled in your home, should you forget about watching videos on your smart TV? Not at all! Remember – where there is technological advancement, there are workarounds too!

In this article, we will tell you how you can stream YouTube on your Amazon Fire TV even though you don’t find the YouTube anymore in the app settings.

YouTube on Amazon Fire TV Stick

You will not find the YouTube app directly on the list of apps; however, you may see the ghost version of YouTube compatible with Fire TV and Fire TV Cube. You will not be view anything here, but you may get the message that you have to open YouTube with a web browser only when you click on this ghost version.

Now, you will have the option to choose from two web browsers – Silk and Firefox. Firefox, as you already know is a web browser that is already found as an app in your home screen, if you have already downloaded. Else, you may have to download it.

Silk, on the other hand, is the dedicated browser of Amazon and you can see that it is already part of your library. You can opt for the Silk browser if it is only YouTube videos that you are looking for. If you want to watch YouTube TV as well, Silk is not the right option for you.

YouTube on Amazon Fire TV – Which is a good option

Tech experts suggest the Firefox for Fire TV app. Download this right away, if you want to watch all the videos and YouTube TV as well, without any loading issues. Even if you’re going to view only videos and not YouTube TV, experts still recommend the Firefox browser because you will not face any buffering problems here. The Silk is an excellent browser to watch videos, but you may feel frustrated because of the buffering issues.

You can download the Firefox for Fire TV by using the search button or through the Alexa device. Now, when you have this installed, you have to open the app and sign in with your account to view all your favourite videos from YouTube on the Firefox for Fire TV app. You will also notice that all the subscriptions are intact. Now, you can watch YouTube on your Amazon Fire TV, without any hassles and buffering issues.

The Google vs. Amazon rivalry

When Amazon didn’t want to use Google Chromecast to stream its video platform of Amazon Prime Video, Google was irked, for obvious reasons. This led it to take a drastic step of removing the YouTube app from the Amazon app store. You will also not find any Google products on the Amazon app store. The war between the two tech giants kept getting bigger with every passing day. Eventually, it was the end user who was affected because YouTube was the most preferred video platforms by many. When the app was removed from the Fire TV’s list of apps, it created quite a ruckus among users, but the companies weren’t ready to budge, and they were never able to come to a compromise.

Never mind; as long as there are workarounds to visit your favourite sites and platforms, you don’t have to worry. Let the biggies do whatever they want to do; we will continue resorting to simple techniques to find loopholes in the system. Using the Firefox for Fire TV app is one such simple solution that tech experts suggest for continuing to browse YouTube on Amazon Fire TV, even though it has been removed. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing your favourite YouTube videos and shows!