10 Best WIFI Analyzer For Windows

It is a very well-known fact that WIFI signals do tend to vary a lot in real time – sometimes the speeds are high, while other times it is just okay. The WIFI signal on your device can quickly go from full bars to only one, ultimately making you complain about slow internet speeds and lag while gaming. The primary solution to this above problem is the use of WIFI analyser. WIFI analyser will help you not only detect all the WIFI networks that are available at your place or area but will also provide in-depth reviews of the same as well, including their signal strength, speed, heat maps and a lot more as well.

So, how do you find out the best WIFI analyzer apps for the Microsoft Windows operating system? Well, you got you covered. The following are some of the best WIFI analyzers that you can get for your operating system and use them without any problems.

Best WIFI Analyzer for Windows

1. Netcut

If you want an application that is suitable for office use and also for professional, then you have found the right choice. This is a great software that will help you debug and also investigate WIFI signals. The tool will also analyze all your network IP addresses as well. There is also an option to restrict any network abuse as well, and you can individually set user bandwidth too. Netcut also improves signal strength and range, so that you can get the best performance.


2. Netspot

Netspot is a great software that can be used by both a casual as well as a tech-savvy user too. The main advantage of this software is its simple user interface that can be easily deciphered. It has some of the best features that you can get in a WIFI channel scanner Windows – discover mode and survey mode. With discover mode, you can check the signal speed, and with the survey mode, you can review the heat maps for every WIFI signal.


3. NetStumbler

This software is available free for anyone to download and has some of the most useful features that will help you use the WIFI signal more efficiently. If you have a WIFI router, then it can help you find the best location, as to where to put your router in your home or office. The software can also help you find poor coverage areas and will notify you of other networks that are creating interference on your WIFI signal as well.


4. Acrylic WIFI Analyzer Tool

With this wireless analyser tool, you will have the most premium features that you can get in the market. First of all, it has a network monitoring feature that will help you to manage traffic on your WIFI connection. Apart from that, the password manager will make sure that you always use the most secure passwords for your network, that are unbreakable even with brute force attack. One can also enjoy its other features like the detection of the signal level and the various access points that you can choose as well.

Acrylic WIFI Analyzer Tool

5. inSSIDer

If you are a professional and want the advanced tool for your needs, then this software is tailored made for you. Various subscription plans are available to buy from so that you can select your own desired plan for your individual needs. As of the features it supports, this tool is excellent for large networks, and it can handle every bit of it with reliability and accuracy. It also has standard features like letting you know of the interference sources and can even monitor the WIFI network.


6. Vistumber

Vistumber is one of the unique WIFI network analysers that you can get on the market. It has industry-leading features that help you track your location by the use of GPS service and also provides live Google tracking as well. The software will also provide you with the best recommendations for WIFI network, depending upon the strength, name, location and even the network details too. The only disadvantage with this software is its old user interface, which can seem tedious for some users.


7. WIFI Commander

The WIFI commander should be in your list of the best WIFI signal analyser software as well. The software has a very clean and intuitive user interface. This makes casual users get more easily acquainted with the tool. WIFI Commander is very feature-rich and has many significant additions to its already good UI – scanning and detecting networks, discovering signal strength, keeps track of the network traffic and finally allows you to surf the internet in the best way possible.

WIFI Commander

8. Wireshark

This is another WIFI analyser tool made for professional users. The software is free to use and open source as well – which means you will get massive support from the community. This software is not intended to be used at home, but rather at large businesses or enterprises. This makes the user base a lot limited to say the least, as IT trainees go through training to use this software in the best way possible.

9. WIFIInfoView

This tool is made by Nirsoft, which is also known for making other various types of software as well. This free WIFI analyser Windows software is also open to using, that puts greater emphasis on the kind of details that are being to a user about a particular network. It also shows the connection type of the WIFI, be it SSID or PHP based, along with speed details, etcetera. The user interface of the software is also commendable as well, in spite of being free.


10. Lizard Systems WIFI Analyzer

This WIFI analyser from Lizard Systems is available in both free as well as in paid versions as well. The user interface is uncluttered, and navigation is straightforward as well. If you are using this tool for non-commercial use, then, by all means, get the free version. Otherwise, the premium version is a must. It shows signal strength, speed, vendor name, MAC address, etcetera. The most known feature of this tool is the WIFI stumbling feature, which detects interference in your WIFI network.

Lizard Systems WIFI Analyzer