Ping Pong – Does It Really Improve Workplace Productivity?

Ping-Pong-Work-ProductivityMore and more tech companies are investing in a ping pong table for their office premises with the intention of increasing workplace productivity. The popularity of the game has risen over the past few years especially since it was established as an Olympic Sport. Over the years, table tennis has proved to be beneficial not only for children, students and athletes but also for office going people.

Many employees often like to play ping pong during their working hours to relieve stress, boost strategic thinking, to take a break from work, or to brainstorm new ideas. But there are mixed reviews about this concept with many people arguing that it just distracts the people in the workspace.

Let us see the various pros and cons of having a ping pong in the workplace and then come to a final verdict.

Advantages of Ping Pong:

  • Improves concentration and mental alertness
  • Stimulates the brain and its functions
  • Improves tactical thinking skills
  • Increases hand / eye coordination
  • It is an aerobic exercise
  • Develops social and recreational interaction
  • Cheap and occupies minimal floor space

Not only ping pong tables, but nap pods, foosball and other stress relieving gadgets are commonly installed in the workplace to boost employee productivity. These so called break out zones, help employees rejuvenate themselves and start work afresh again. Employers are also offering flexible working hours and collaborative working spaces in order to boost productivity. Companies are aware that in order to retain the best work force and to get the maximum out of their employees, they need to offer a workplace environment that is both fun and comfortable.

Let us assess the advantages of having such quirky assets in the workplace:

  • A ping pong table in the office helps to lift the mood and improves productivity

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, table tennis is described as ‘world’s best brain sport’. This game activates and stimulates areas of the brain that improve concentration, sharpness and alertness and develops tactical thinking skills. A quick game of ping pong between your working hours can boost your brain back to its best of health and improve productivity.

  • A table tennis game in the workplace can help in improving employee morale

Satisfied and happy employees have proved to be more loyal to their companies. A game of ping pong in the workplace can stimulate the brain to produce dopamine and endorphins which are ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain, thereby encouraging the employees to improve their morale in the office. A quick match between colleagues also develops interactions between them and improves relations and helps them feel more connected to each other.

  • A game of table tennis in the office helps the employees take a break from their stressful work

A quick game of ping pong in the office helps the employees take a break from their computer screens and give a break to their tired eyes. Desk jobs can be very sedentary and taxing on the back as you sit on the chair for prolonged hours. Table tennis helps the employees get some movement which is very helpful for their back. This game also gets over quickly and hence not much time is wasted.

  • Table Tennis brings on a motivating vibe and encourages healthy competition

A game of table tennis helps the employees take a break from their stressful work and enjoy a light game. Some even feel competitive and motivated to play better and this brings on an atmosphere of healthy competition in the workplace. It helps to increase the energy levels and engaging your brains. It also keeps the employees motivated in their office work.

  • Ping Pong gives the brain a workout

Table tennis is excellent for boosting brain health. Office work often gets boring and monotonous and gradually productivity decreases. Often there are jobs in the workplace which need to be completed but are not challenging or engaging. Ping Pong keeps the brain alert and focused and stimulates parts of the brain, which you don’t use much.

Final Verdict

On weighing the pros and cons of ping pong in the workplace, it is obvious that it will only benefit the employees. While there are some who argue that it causes distraction between work, the best way is to get a ping pong table in a separate room in the office, where employees can go for a quick brain-storming session without disturbing the other employees. Also, employees are aware that their performance and deadlines are always monitored, so they would only use ping pong for their own benefits and not for killing time!

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