5 Best Laptop Insurance Providers To Rely On

Insurance companies are more and more popular nowadays with the release of more expensive and good looking laptops. Buying a costly notebook is always a liability when you have no support from any insurance provider. Most people confuse warranty with insurance and saying both are same – but it should be kept in mind that both are different things. On the one hand, warranties will cover you against only any accidental or liquid damage to your laptop, along with any standard repairing. But some insurance companies cover all sides of the story, be it theft coverage or any power surge as well. Insurance providers will also include your product in case of used or refurbished products too, and that is a well-added bonus over extended warranties. Therefore, getting an insurance plan for your laptop will always be beneficial and worth the extra money you pay for it.

So, now that you have known all the benefits of having laptop insurance, and might be wondering that which company provides the best laptop insurance, then you have come to the right place. Following are some of the best laptop insurance providers you can get for your money, in the United States of America.

Want Best Laptop Theft Insurance? Try Worth Ave Group

If you want mainly Theft Insurance for your laptop, then look no further than the Worth Ave Group. The Worth Ave Group is the pioneer when it comes to providing any insurance in case of vandalism or theft. Not only that, but the company also offers normal accidental damage and even protection from accidental liquid damage as well. On top of that, you also get natural disasters, and power surge protected insurance as well. Therefore, you get provided with the whole package here. You also get insurance coverage for old or refurbished laptops as well.

The insurance plan is for primarily for three years, which should get you almost the half-life of your laptop, because usually, a well-built laptop will last at least six years. The price that is being charged here is about $229 for the three years plan.

Want The Best Laptop Accidental Damage Insurance? Try SquareTrade

SquareTrade is the best insurance company when it comes to accidental damages and liquid damages. The company covers all kinds of drops or spills. They also provide 24×7 customer support, along with two-way express shipping as well. The insurance provider will also protect your laptop from any ordinary damages as well, like hard drive failure or screen failure. The only disadvantage going with SquareTrade is that even though you get world-class damage protection, you don’t get theft or power surge protection like Worth Ave Group.


The base price is charged at $119.99 without the $25 deductible, for a three-year plan. The plan price will increase as the value of your laptop increases gradually. Also, this plan is only for coverage of new laptops, and no old or refurbished laptops are entertained here.

Securranty Laptop Insurance

With Securranty insurance for laptops, you will be getting your peace of mind from various kinds of accidental damages like LCD burn out, drops, spills of liquid on your computer, hard drive crash, RAM failure, and so many other accidents that your laptop can endure.

You will be covered by one, two, three or a four-year plan, and the price of the coverage plan will depend upon the original cost of your new or refurbished laptop. Unlike SquareTrade, there is an option for damage from theft as well. You can select the Theft Protection during plan selection. Also, you can use your refurbished laptop as well, which SquareTrade did not support.

The monthly plan starts at $2.99 for Extended Warranty and will increase once you add more protection plans to it. You can also select between the modes of payment as well – from monthly to 3 or 4-year plan too.

Go Care Laptop Insurance

Care is another company that provides laptop insurance at affordable costs. It offers various kinds of protection, like any damage on the outer casing of the laptop. The protection plan also covers laptops from cracked displays, power failures, any damage from spills of liquid, natural calamities and even theft as well. The claims can easily be filed online, and coverage is provided anywhere in the world, no deduction fees and even free two-way shipping procedure too.

There are two kinds of insurance plans that are being provided by this company – one being accidental damage along with mechanical damage protection. And the other being accidental damage along with theft protection. You can choose your option during checkout. The laptop insurance plans start at just $39, so you don’t have to worry about paying more.

Progressive Laptop Insurance Plan

The last one on this list is a laptop insurance plan from Progressive. This company provides total warranty coverage for your laptop as well, be it theft, accidental drops, power surge, screen damages, liquid damages, etcetera. The company provides insurance coverage to not only just new laptops but used, refurbished laptops as well. So, you don’t have to worry about the laptop type.

Progressive Laptop Insurance Plan

The protection plans start from just $18, along with $0 deductible value as well, for the one-year program. The prices will increase once your total coverage value increases, along with the term coverage and the deductible amount too. If you want, you can also go for a Theft Only Plan, rather than full coverage. You will have many options to choose from. Progressive is a recommended laptop insurance provider in the USA.

Therefore, it can be easily seen that there are many insurance providers for a laptop in the USA. But when we start to talk about the best companies, then these above five should be your priority. Whichever company you choose, you will be happy with their commitment and service. Also, make sure you want your plan wisely as well.