How to get Alexa app for windows

Alexa is the name of the digital virtual assistant that is Similar to the Siri of Apple iPhones as well as Cortana for Microsoft that acts on the voice commands. The Alexa is built in Amazon echo, and the Amazon’s Alexa controlled echo speaker. These hands-free speakers or devices enabled with Alexa can be voice controlled. Alexa is endowed with a female voice that can engage in conversations with you and perform tasks like playing music, giving reminders, and even help you to control smart home gadgets. Though Alexa is considered to be synonymous with Amazon devices, it is possible to use it with any tool it is compatible with. You can use Amazon Alexa app for PC.

Alexa app for window

What are the Uses of Alexa app?

Alexa can be used to give reminders, to draw up a to-do list, set timers, Answer questions, give information about weather, play music etc, you will be able to make Alexa do it for you via voice commands

How to use Amazon Alexa on Windows 10 PC?

When you are attempting to use Alexa on Windows PC, you could come across two scenarios.

Alexa app pre-installed in the device

Alexa app is installed default in the new PC’s that come from HP, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo. When the Alexa app is pre-installed, you can click on the Alexa app option that is available on the start menu or type “Amazon Alexa “. This would help you set the wake word in the settings menu. You may have to do it manually by clicking on Alexa icon which you will find at the bottom of the app. This would help you connect to the voice assistant. But, if your device is one that supports hands-free access, you will be able to set the wake word with voice commands.

Using Alexa app when it is not preinstalled in the device

You can still use Alexa though the device does not have a pre-installed app. In such a case if you confirm that your system is up to date and then configure Alexa App with US Language settings. Those outside the USA would have to change the system language as well. If you are in the USA, you can follow the steps given under which requires you to download Alexa app for PC

  • Amazon Alexa app that is meant for Windows has to be downloaded
    Once done, let the installer file run
  • You will immediately receive a prompt from the User account control that would ask if you are allowing the app to make changes to your device. You need to click the “Yes” button.
  • This would initiate the installation process, and you would receive a prompt at the completion of the installation process. The installation process would install Visual C++2015 automatically even if it is not already installed in the PC.
  • It would prompt you to restart the device.
  • When the PC is booted again, you can launch Alexa from the start menu as you did in the first scenario.
  • Click on setup Alexa
  • The terms and conditions would be displayed. Read them and click on “continue. “
  • Choose “Finish setup “ in the next screen
  • Now sign in to your Amazon account
  • You would be asked to install the latest update by the software.

Alexa for windows

How to show Alexa app all the time on the taskbar?

If you wish to have the Alexa app on the Windows taskbar for you to view all the time follow the sequence of operations which goes like this.

Windows settings> personalization> taskbar>Select Alexa from the icons in the taskbar. Alexa would be off in the case of default settings.

How effective is the Alexa APP on a PC?

Only on officially supported PC and firmware that is custom made, you will be able to use the special wake word feature that will enable you to call Alexa via voice. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this special feature. You would have to click on the Alexa button in the App manually. Apart from this inability to use the wake word by voice, the amazonAlexa app for windows is as effective as it is meant to be in a PC.

However, if you are a person who already uses Microsoft’s Cortana, you will find that about 90% of the features of Alexa for windows is redundant.