How To Host Someone On Twitch

In the current gaming world, be it for consoles, PC or mobiles, Twitch is the ultimate platform to stream your video game feed regardless. It has become the de-facto place for all the major game streamers in the world to share their content. Even various e-sports competitions like ESL, Intel Extreme Masters, Blast Pro Series, etcetera. Feeds are being channelled through Twitch these days, which shows the amount of popularity and fame the platform has gained over the past few years. Some of the main competitors for Twitch are Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming – both of which doesn’t even hold a candle to Twitch’s versatility and popularity.

This is why, keeping the needs of the community in mind, Twitch introduced the new Host Mode. With the help of Twitch’s new host mode, you can comfortably host any other live channel. This will help a circuit which is not that well-known when a more popular channel hosts it. So, in case you are wondering, how to host someone on Twitch, then following are some of the best ways to start hosting on Twitch.

How To Host On Twitch With The Help Of Chat

Hosting someone on Twitch with the help of chat is the easiest and widely used procedure. You have to follow the following steps, to host someone on Twitch:

Host On Twitch With The Help Of Chat
  • The first job is to open your channels chat client. After opening the chat window, the first thing to do here is to type the following command – /host into your chat window, followed by the name of the channel whose stream you want to host.
  • For example, you want to host a channel whose name is Shroud, and then you should enter /host Shroud.
  • Finally, the channel you wanted to host, will be hosted on your Twitch channel.

Do keep in mind that while hosting, you can change the respective channel for up to three times every half an hour. After you have done with your hosting when you’re ready to shut down the hosting, make sure to type /unhost in the chat client again.

Hosting On Twitch With The Help Of The Twitch App

If you’re not on the desktop and you’re wondering how to host another streamer on Twitch, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a solution for those people who want to host another channel on the go, just by using their smartphones. The procedure is straightforward, and you’ll be needing either an Android or iOS smartphone, to begin with.

  • The first job is to download the Twitch app on your smartphone, either from the Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store on iOS.
  • After downloading and installing, Log In to your own Twitch account.
  • Search for the channel you want to host or click on it. After clicking on the specific channel, you will be greeted with a new window where you can see a gear-like icon in that particular channel.
  • After clicking on the gear-like icon, a new drop-down menu will appear, and you need to choose the Host option from that drop-down menu.
  • And finally, you will start hosting the specific channel.

Hosting On Twitch With The Help Of Auto Hosting

This is another of the most used hosting features on Twitch. Auto hosting means, when your channel is inactive or offline, the auto-host will hosting another witch channel all by itself. This will happen when your channel is idle for three minutes or offline, and then the auto-host will start its activity. The three minutes of inactivity is provided because sometimes many channels face technical difficulties or outages, and if the auto-host starts its job, then it will not be an excellent reputation for the channel. Also, do not that, when your channel will go live again, the auto-host client will get turned off.

The following are some of the steps you need to follow to use auto hosting:

auto hosting on twitch
  • The first job is to head over to the Twitch app or software on your desktop or laptop, and proceed to enter the Settings.
  • Inside the Settings menu, look for an option Auto Hosting in Channels and videos menu or you can find it in Dashboard under Channel. This option is usually turned OFF by default, and you need to turn it ON if that happens.
  • In that Settings menu, you are also greeted with options like Host Priority and Host List.

What Host Priority does is that you can select option whether to host the stream in the order of the channels, as they are selected on the Host List.Or you can proceed with random channels out of the Host List. You can choose either one of those two options.

host list twitch
Host List is where you add the channels that you want your Twitch channel to host when your channel is offline or inactive. 

Just click on the Plus Icon on the side of the Host List Settings, and add the channel name. You can also change their order as well. There is also an option to auto-host channels that are similar to the channels that you have selected. That means, if you have a channel that is streaming the Rainbow Six Siege game, then Twitch’s recommendation engine will also host other channels that are streaming Rainbow Six Siege game. You can also select whether the channels you selected will be first to host or not.

Finally, your channel will be hosting other channels with the help of Auto Hosting on Twitch.

Hosting on Twitch is indeed a great way to make your channel promote other lesser-known channels. It will help the community to grow together and also keep your fans engaged even when your channel will be offline. You can also watch the Twitch stream of another channel on your channel, with your fans, and this itself will promote your channel under the Live Hosts category of Twitch. In this way, you will also be gaining new users as well.