How To Fix: Sim Not Provisioned MM2

It is no surprise to learn that mobile phone SIM cards contain large amount of information about the cell phone you are using. It will not only help in the identification of a contact but will also help you to identify mobile phone on your network carrier, make calls, receive calls, help in cellular internet connection, and perform various other functions as well. There can be many reasons why a single problem with the mobile phone sim card, can handicap you with the way you use your mobile phone. 

What Does Sim Card Not Provisioned MM#2 Mean? Learning the Basics.

First of all, let’s learn about the basics. The SIM Card not provisioned MM#2 error can be shown to both new users and even old users . The error means that the current SIM card in your mobile/cell is either:

  • Not registered on the existing mobile network.
  • Suspended from the current mobile network.
  • Deactivated from the current mobile network.
  • Not being able to read by the current mobile network.

The above situations can be due to many reasons, the most common being, while transferring the SIM card to a new phone, the new mobile phone doesn’t detect your SIM card. There can also be the other reasons, where your current mobile operator is not available in your area, and thus the SIM Card not provisioned MM2 error pops up. Regardless of the cause, following are some of the solutions that you should follow to solve this specific issue.

1. Restarting Your Mobile Phone Or Smartphone

This is the first thing that should be doing when your mobile phone is showing the SIM not provisioned MM2 error. The process is very simple by using the main power button and pressing it for a while will show up two options – either Restart or Switch Off.

You can choose either option and then freshly boot up your mobile phone. The phone will take some time to boot up and after that you not face the same SIM card error again.

You can also reboot your mobile phone by removing the battery from your mobile phone, and then resetting the battery again. You can then use the power button to switch it on. This is known as a Hard Reboot

2. Inserting the SIM Card In The Right Way

This is another major problem that most users face when inserting the SIM card. First of all, you need to look at the manual of your mobile phone and see how a SIM card is inserted in your mobile phone. Some phones take SIM card by removing the battery, while others take with the help of a SIM tray, present on the side of the mobile phone.

After consulting the manual, try to remove your own SIM card with the help of either of the above two processes. After removing the SIM card, use some lint-free cloth or some white paper, and try to clean it, especially the gold side. Then insert the SIM card in the right way, as told in the manual.

After resetting your SIM card, insert your battery. Then reboot your mobile phone, and the MM2 error will not show up again.

3. Try Activating Your SIM Card

This seems like the most fool-proof way of getting rid of the SIM Card error but is also the most straightforward way as well. If you’re someone who has got a new SIM, there are very high chances that it is not activated yet. You have to either:

Give a call to an automated number or send an SMS. Verify your credentials with the network customer care, and after tele-verification, the customer service representative will activate your SIM. Use the network carrier’s website to activate your SIM card, by entering the SIM card numbers of both the SIMs.

You have to use either of these steps and get your SIM card activated. After activating your SIM card, the error will not show up the second time.

4. Try Connecting With The Customer Support

This method seems like an afterthought, but the customer care can surely help you to get your problems fixed. The customer care has most probably solved millions of issues like these, so this issue will not be something new to them.

Start by explaining your problem to them, and then proceed to ask for help. If the SIM card is not activated, they will most likely first verify you as a person and activate it. If in any case the SIM card is showing activated from their servers, and your mobile phone is still showing the MM#2 error, then they will most likely help you to solve the issue.

The customer care will provide you with some solutions, which you have to try them. If everything else fails, the customer care will take a support ticket in your name, and will further escalate to higher management, who will then proceed with further investigations in the matter.

5. Finally, Buy A New SIM Card Or Replace The SIM Card

This is the last of all the solutions that you need to try out if everything else fails. This will be the last shot that you will need to take to fix the MM#2 error.

The first thing is to head over to the retailer from where you bought the SIM card in the first place. Explain your issue, and ask for a replacement first. After getting the replacement, try the SIM card. If it works, then it’s all good. If it doesn’t work, then it’s time to move onto a new SIM card from the same carrier or a different carrier altogether.