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Deslide – How to remove slideshows from a website? Don’t let them annoy you anymore

When you open a website, you would expect to read through the content in it properly, without any disturbances. This is why, when you find slideshows in them, you tend to get frustrated, because these slides hamper your reading process. Are you looking at ways to remove slideshows from your website, so that you can read the content peacefully? You have come to the right place, then. In this article, we will tell you some simple steps that you can follow to deslide a website, for an enriched reading experience. Clusterfake and PageZipper are two options that you can try out for the same.

Website owners plug in slideshows in their sites to increase their page views, visibility and earn more income from ads. However, it is quite disheartening to note that they don’t think about the end user’s comfort while browsing the websites. Thankfully, due to the advancements in technology today, you can deslide the particular website. This means you can remove all the slideshows (regardless of their format) and still enjoy reading the same content seamlessly. How can you do it? Keep reading to know more about the same.

1. Desli.de

When you want to remove slideshows from a website, you can try the Clusterfake option. This is one of the most common desliding methods and gives you a lot of flexibility as to how you want to view your content, eventually. The steps for using Clusterfake for desliding are explained below:

Step 1
➢ Copy the URL (link) of the website that is giving you problems while reading the content because of its frequent slideshows.

Step 2
➢ Go to the clusterfake website by typing this address on your system:

http://deslide.clusterfake.net or desli.de

Step 3
➢ You will find two options in the box that appears on the top portion – Display and Slideshow URL. In the Slideshow URL box, paste the website address that you have copied already.
➢ In the Display box, you can choose how you want the new version to appear. In this, you can pick up from various options such as the following:

  • Small Images with titles and text
  • Big Images with titles and text
  • Small Images Only
  • Big Images Only
  • Slide Titles

Like these, there are many more options that you can choose from.

Step 4
➢ After choosing the options, you have to click on the “deslide” button.

Step 5
➢ Now, you can view the website content without any slideshows or disruptions.

2. PageZipper

PageZipper is the widely-used alternate method for ClusterFake for removing slideshows from a website. In this, you can view the web content without any disturbances, by using the PageZipper extension to your website. Given below is the detailed step by step instruction for this purpose:

Step 1
➢ Install the PageZipper extension on your web browser to make this method work for removing the slideshows from your website. You can install this extension by visiting the link given below:


Step 2
➢ Now, open the URL of the website that has slideshows. In the corner of browser, you will find the PageZipper extension icon. Click on that icon.

Step 3
➢ When you tap on this icon, the PageZipper extension proceeds to combine the web content in such a way that the slides and other disruptions are removed, leaving you with a seamless and smooth flow of content that you can easily read.
➢ There are numbers and arrows on this icon, which help you to navigate easily through the website for easy readability.

Step 4
➢ When you want to view or load more options on a website, you can click the compatibility mode option that is available on the PageZipper icon’s drop-down feature and select the features that you want.

Point to remember

PageZipper works fine with all the websites except those that have javascript enabled in them. On these specific websites, you need to remember first to block the javascript extension and then continue using PageZipper for desliding.

3. PrintFriendly

Step 1
➢ Copy the URL of the website that contains the slideshows.

Step 2
➢ Click on this link to open the Print Friendly website: https://www.printfriendly.com/

Step 3
➢ In this website, you will have a rectangular box at the top of the screen asking you to paste the URL of the website that you desire.

Step 4
➢ Paste the URL of your website (that originally had lots of slides) in this box and select the Submit option.

Step 5
➢ Now, you can read the website’s content properly without slides and advertisements.


As you can see, Desli.de, PageZipper, and PrintFriendly are the three most widely-used options for desliding a website. Use one of these tools right away for a smooth website-browsing experience.