Best Cheap Tablets for Sale under 50 Dollars 2019

Did we say tablets for $50? Yup, you read it right! In the pricey world, getting something of value under 50 dollars is a big thing!

Now, when it comes to buying a tablet just for the sake of buying a tablet, people always look for cheap tablets for sale under 50 dollars or similar price. These are the people who are buying a tablet for its primary use and want to take a break from their mobile phones and laptops. Also, most of these people purchase such pills for their kids and don’t want to spend too much on the same.

If you fall in any of this category and are looking for a cheap tablet to experiment with or you want it as a gift for kids, we have got a list for you to explore. Let’s have a look at the four best options:

Tablets under $50

Amazon Fire 7

Amazon’s Fire Series of tablets has been a groundbreaking one and has stirred the world of tablets. The Fire 7 especially bought a revolution to the market with its amazing features available at such a reasonable price! The major plus to this tablet is that it comes with Alexa, free Kindle e-books, and many other offers by Amazon.

This best-selling 7 inch tablet is available in some colour variants like black, canary yellow, marine blue, and punch red. With a 7-inch IPS HD display offering a resolution of 1024 X 600, the tablet provides a good reading and browsing experience. It weighs 0.67 lbs and runs on a Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and the Fire OS 5 operating system. With 1GB RAM, the tablet offers storage of 8/16 GB, expandable up to 256 GB through a microSD card.

It has a 2MP rear camera and a VGA front camera and can record videos up to 720p. The battery of Fire 7 lasts up to 7 hours.

RCA Voyager 7

When it comes to spending the least money on a tablet, an RCA Voyager 7 is the best on your budget. This is the only tablet in the market that you can purchase under 50 dollars. It is safe to say that RCA Voyager is the cheapest tablet ever made!

1 lb in weight, this tablet runs on a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor and Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. It has 1GB DDR3 RAM for smooth functioning and 16GB storage that is expandable up to 64GB. The 7-inches screen offers a resolution of 1200 X 600. The tablet has rear and front cameras with digital zoom and auto-focus.

It has a glossy back panel and is still very handy to use. However, what lies under the hood of this tablet isn’t enough for people looking for high-quality browsing, multitasking, and gaming experience in their tab. But the tablet is an apt choice if you’re planning on buying one for your kids or basic usage. The battery life of this tablet is up to 6 hours.


For a tablet at this price, the YUNTAB Google Android Tablet has an amazingly impressive screen. The 7-Inches screen supports multi-touch and has a resolution of 1024 X 600. It has crisp and sharp image quality and is suitable for video viewing and reading!

The tab runs on Quad-core processor and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It has 8GB RAM and also the storage of 8GB, expandable up to 32GB.

The dual cameras are available as 0.3MP in front and 2MP rear camera, which is a drawback of this tablet. But again, the price balances it all out.

The best part about this tablet is that it is the best one for video-viewing under the category of cheap tablets for sale under 50 dollars. It plays high-resolution videos smoothly. The other plus is its capacious RAM.

It is a good tablet under such a minimal budget and can be used for gaming and other entertainment purposes. It may lag in speed at times, but in all, it is a good one.

Azpen 2018 Version

A 7-inches budget-friendly tablet, the Azpen A746 is a great one if you’re looking for an Android tablet under $50.

The display is smooth, HD, and is ideal for watching videos. The tablet is powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. This tab is suitable for playing light games and for general entertainment. Any heavy-processing task can lag the functioning of this tablet.

You can also use it for reading, watching videos in high resolution, and browsing the web. It also offers an office suite that can be used for work as well. However, with a minimal functioning and a sensitive system, this tablet is best-suited for children.

They can use it for entertainment, for doing their homework, and for streaming videos. The front-facing camera is suitable enough for video chats.

Chromo Inc 7” Tablet

If you’re looking for a tablet for someone who’s favourite colour is ‘pink’, this one is for you! Chromo Inc is one of the prettiest tablets in the category of cheap tablets. It is available in a bright pink colour and flaunts an ergonomic design that allows a good grip on the tab.

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With a 7” HD screen, it offers a display of 1024X600 pixels. It runs on 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat.

With 512MB RAM, this tablet is only ideal for kids for just basic internet browsing. You cannot do much with this tablet but give it to your kids to satisfy their demands of having their gadget – and that too – a pink one!

There is a 1.3MP camera in the front, and the rear camera is also the same. The storage capacity of this tablet is 4GB, expandable up to 32 GB through a microSD card. This pretty pink tab has 6 hours of battery life and is available at a meager price!

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids Tablet

This one is again for the kids! Though there are numerous options of a tablet to be bought for kids, this one is by far the best one!

Specially made for the kids, this tablet is one of the best and a small investment you can build on your kids. For such an affordable price, this tablet comes power-packed for the kids and has everything your kid is looking for.

The 7-inch IP screen of the Dragon Touch tab provides quite a wide-angle view with a resolution of 1024 X 600 pixels. It runs on 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and Android 5.1 Lollipop. With 1GB RAM, this tablet has a storage capacity of 8 GB, which can be expanded to 32GB.

What makes this tablet entirely kid-friendly is the fact that it comes loaded with many e-books, painting apps, educational games, video clips, and more! All the data in this tab is exclusively meant for the kids to learn and make the most out of their time spent with this tablet.

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The tab comes with a bright and colourful case that gives it a good grip and prevents the damage! By far, it is one of the most liked tablets, ideal for toddlers and kids.

Astro Tab A7

The tablets under the name Astro have surprisingly gained a lot of popularity since their launch. The reason behind this popularity is the fact that these tablets come with many great features and are very affordable.
The Astro Tab A7 flaunts a 7-inches HD screen with a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels. It is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and runs on Android 6.0, Marshmallow. The tablet has a storage capacity of 8GB, and it has 1GB RAM, making it ideal for general browsing, playing games, and basic usage. The tablet comes with a rear camera of 2MP and 0.3MP front camera, which is there to be there and doesn’t serve a lot to the user.

This affordable tablet is ideal for teenagers and kids and offers a battery life of 5-6 hours.


Does the name of this tablet make you wonder if it’s a tablet or not? Well, you’re not alone! This tablet is quite less popular, but it is a good bet at the affordable price!

Alldaymall is considered as a good tablet because of the reviews from its previous users. At such an affordable price, this tablet does well for a primary user. The tablet has a 7-inches screen that is good for video-viewing, browsing, etc. It has an ergonomic design and helps you get a good grip on the device. The resolution offered by this tab is 1024 X 600 pixels.

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The tablet is fueled by a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and has 512 MB RAM. This is why the tab is considered suitable only for basic usage, and no heavyweight work must be done using this tablet. Weight around 0.6 lbs, this tablet is lightweight and quite handy.

It runs on Android 4.4, KitKat and has a battery life of 5 hours.
For an affordable price, this tablet is best suited for watching videos on the internet.

Tagital 7” T7K

This one is another good option in the list, and if you’re looking for something available in different colour variants, this one is the best pick!

An affordable yet good performing tablet, Tagital also has a 7-inches HD screen with great graphics powered by Mali 400 GPU. This tablet runs on Android 4.4, KitKat and is powered by A33 Cortex A7 1.5 GHz quad core processor.

With a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels, it still gives an ideal video-viewing and browsing experience. The tablet comes with 1GB RAM and has a storage capacity of 4GB. The best thing about this tablet is its handy and comfortable design and its light weight.

With all the features, the tablet also offers a battery life of 6 hours for entertainment-packed usage.

Haehne 7 Inches Tablet

Talk about affordable, handy, and well performing tab and the Haehne tablet is the best thing to try! The tablet boasts its 7-inches HD screen with a resolution of 1024 X 600 pixels, ideal for browsing and video viewing, especially for kids.

The tablet runs on the Rockchip 3126, Cortex-A9, 1.2GHz processor and has a Mali 400 GPU. Android 6.0, Marshmallow powers it. It has 1GB RAM and has a storage capacity of 16 GB.

It is an excellent tab for basic usage for kids and is an affordable yet efficient option for them!

The reason why all these tablets are an ideal choice for kids is that with kids, you need not to fulfil some high-quality technology requirements. They need pills for watching videos, playing games, learning, reading, etc. and for all these tasks, these tablets under $50 are the best option.

So, there is no need to buy an iPad for a kid who doesn’t even know what an iPad is. You can save all your money by investing in these tablets and still giving the most to your children.

Buying a cheap tablet

Cheap tablets offer you a less burden on your pocket. Other than that, they don’t promise anything! Different tablets under 50 have some different features. Thus, it is hard to decide which one is better than the other.

With the four options mentioned above, you can say that almost every tablet has a downside to it. But when it comes to money, all is balanced.

People looking for cheap tablets for sale under 50 dollars do not want their tablet to work like Apple iPad. Most often, these tablets are demanded, children. These tablets suit the requirements well and do justice to the price and functions.

So, try any of these tablets, if you’re looking for something that will fit into your budget and will be the best pick to get value for money.