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Why Is My Mac So Slow All Of a Sudden?

Imagine how you’ll feel when suddenly your prized possession – The MacBook starts acting cranky and becomes slow? Frustrating Right? Don’t worry it’s a fixable problem. And in the majority of the cases has nothing to do with your hardware. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the ways to speed up your mac. […]

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Netflix not working with Chromecast?

Netflix is turning out to be a great entertainment medium for those who have a smart TV. Netflix is a streaming service that necessarily works on devices that are connected to the internet and it is popular because it makes it possible for you to watch hundreds and thousands of documentaries, movies, award-winning TV shows […]

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How to get Alexa app for windows

Alexa is the name of the digital virtual assistant that is Similar to the Siri of Apple iPhones as well as Cortana for Microsoft that acts on the voice commands. The Alexa is built in Amazon echo, and the Amazon’s Alexa controlled echo speaker. These hands-free speakers or devices enabled with Alexa can be voice […]

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How to change Alexa’s name and voice

Alexa is a virtual personal assistant that has been equipped to listen to the voice commands that you give and gives a contextual response which would help you get the job you are supposed to get done in a day. Alexa is also equipped to listen to the track on Spotify, shop, create to-do lists. […]

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