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5 best beer apps for IOS and Android

These apps made specifically for beer are meant to target beer lovers and improve their past and present time experiences. Some people do not give much thought about the beer they are going to consume but, it is not same in case of the ones who love trying a new beer every time they go […]

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10 Best Survey Bypass Tools and Removers for 2019

The internet is our primary source of knowledge in today’s tech-savvy world. We use the internet in our everyday lives to learn new things. However, we don’t get a good experience at all times. The information that we need is there on the websites that we click on, but we aren’t able to read through […]

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5 Best iOS Emulators for Android

What is an iOS Emulator for Android? We all know that any emulator or app that is classified as iOS can be used only on the Apple devices. However, we also know that getting an iPhone is not possible for everyone as it is costly. So, if you want an iPhone-like quality feature on your […]

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10 Best WIFI Analyzer For Windows

It is a very well-known fact that WIFI signals do tend to vary a lot in real time – sometimes the speeds are high, while other times it is just okay. The WIFI signal on your device can quickly go from full bars to only one, ultimately making you complain about slow internet speeds and […]

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5 Best Snipping Tools For Mac

Snipping tools are very much helpful when you want to take screenshots of any app on your Mac or even the whole active window as well. There are also times when you want to capture just a small part of the screen as well – and that is where these snipping tools mainly shine. With […]

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10 Best Android TV Apps You Must Have

When you come back home from a tiring day and sink into your couch, nothing can be more annoying than not finding the right thing to watch on TV! With a local TV operator’s services, you are limiting your options to enjoy your Smart TV box to the fullest. With so many options of Android-based […]

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5 Best Weight Tracker Apps You Must Try

How good life would have been if losing weight was as easy as gaining it! But life is no fantasy, and this can never get real. You can eat and eat and eat without doing anything to learn as much weight as you want, but for losing it, you need to get up from that […]

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6 Best Mood Tracker Apps for Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are best treated when you distract your mind. This is why doctors tell the patients of anxiety or bipolar disorders to engage in writing, drawing, or painting. However, with the growing use of technology, mobile phones, and other gadgets, there are several aids to anxiety that can be found through technology. Mood […]

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10 Best Firewall Apps for Android

A firewall app on your Android device translates to efficient data usage and less time complicating your life using the method. Sometimes you have so many apps on your Android, and you’re strapped for time. If you are free, yes you could access ‘Settings’ and just go to Data Usage to select ‘Restrict App Background […]

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10 Best Audible Alternatives

We’re sure you know what audible is since you landed here looking for audible alternatives. Although Audible has established a name as the leading platform for selling eBooks, it’s quite expensive for users who hail from developing countries. For those of you who don’t know about the Audible subscription pricing, it’s 15$ a month and […]

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6 Best White Noise Apps for iPhone

Are you having a sleepless night? Is this condition making it difficult for you to focus and ace your professional life? If you answered yes, you are going through insomnia or the lack of ability to sleep. And surprisingly, it is pretty standard and affects around 800 Million people worldwide. Don’t worry though. White noise […]

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