How To Cancel HBO Now Subscription

If you use online streaming services, then you may have heard about HBO Now, or are already using its services. HBO Now is premier online subscription-based streaming services that allow its users to enjoy various types of content, be it movies or television serials, right at the comfort of their mobile devices. The currently supported platforms are smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even desktops as well. The service of HBO Now is similar to those which you see with Netflix or Amazon Prime or even Hulu. Currently, there are about more than 5 million subscribers on the platform.

Therefore, if you are a subscriber, and want to cancel your subscription straight away, and was wondering, how to cancel HBO Now, then you have certainly come to the right place. The following are some of the best ways to cancel your HBO Now subscription without any a headache.

Method 1: How To Cancel HBO Now On iPhone?

Cancelling HBO Now on your iPhone is pretty easy and straightforward. Even though you have to go through many steps, the process will be straightforward regardless.

  • Firstly unlock your iPhone and then head over to the Settings icon. Click on it and open the Settings menu.
  • The next step would be to find the settings for the iTunes and App Store. This option will contain all the settings for your Apple App Store and iTunes. Since your HBO Now subscription is renewed via iTunes, you need this option to open.
  • After taping on the above option, the next thing you need to do is click on your Apple ID. Your Apple ID will be at the top of the screen. After clicking on the Apple ID, the next thing to do is enter your Apple ID credentials, which is your Apple ID password.
  • After entering the password, you will gain access to your Apple ID settings, which will contain the subscription for HBO Now. Click on Manage Subscriptions.
  • After clicking on Manage Subscriptions, you will be able to see HBO Now under the list. Tapping on that option will reveal the Auto Renewal switch.
  • Just turn the Auto Renewal switch to OFF, and you’re done.

Method 2: How To Cancel HBO Now On iTunes?

Cancelling HBO Now subscription on iTunes is just as easy as cancelling HBO Now on iPhone. The steps are almost the same, so you don’t need to worry much.

  • First of all, you need to have iTunes installed on your system. Since you’ll most likely be using an Apple Mac for this purpose, iTunes will already be installed on your Mac OS system. Click on the iTunes icon and launch the program.
  • If you’re already logged into your system, then your name will be visible on the top of the iTunes window. If not, make sure to Log In first with your Apple ID credentials.
  • After Logging In, click on your account name at the top of the iTunes window.
  • Select Account Info option from the drop-down menu. Inside you will find the possibilities for Settings.
  • Inside Settings, you will find the option for Managing Subscriptions. Inside subscriptions, you will find the option to turn OFF the Auto Renewal option for HBO Now. By turning OFF, you will successfully unsubscribe from the service immediately.
  • Finally, click Done and you’re good to go.

Method 3: Canceling HBO Now Subscription On Android

If you’re thinking, “How do I cancel HBO Now on my Android smartphone,” then this is the method for you. Just follow the below steps, and you will be cancelling your subscription in on time.

  • The first job of yours would be to locate the Google Play Store icon on your Android smartphone. After discovering the icon click on it.
  • The Google Play Store will open, after which you need to tap on Three Bars. It should be located on the top right corner of your smartphone screen. This will open the Settings menu for your Google account.
  • After that, head over to the Subscriptions option. This will contain the details of your HBO Now subscription. After the list opens, find HBO Now in the list.
  • After finding the option for HBO Now, tap on it and then click on Manage. After clicking on Manage, a new window will open where you will get the option for cancelling the subscription.
  • After clicking on Cancel Subscription, your subscription will be cancelled immediately.

Method 4: Cancelling The HBO Now Service Via Official Website

This is one of the easiest and safest option to proceed because no matter what platform you are on, your subscription will be cancelled regardless. You will just be needing a computer, along with a web browser and internet, and you’ll be good to go. The following the some of the steps you need to develop:

HBO Now Service Via Official Website
  • First of all, open the following HBO Now website on your web browser – HBO: Home to Groundbreaking Series, Movies, Comedies …
  • Click on Log In and then Log In with your credentials.
  • After Logging In, head over to your account details and click on the option for Billing. This option controls the HBO Now subscription every month and the subscription is charged to your account.
  • Inside the account Billing option, there will be settings to Manage Subscriptions. Inside the Manage Subscriptions option, there will be another option for Auto Renew Monthly. The settings will be turned ON by default. You need to turn it OFF.
  • After clicking on OFF, there will be a confirmation window. After confirming the same, you HBO Now subscription will be turned OFF, and therefore eventually cancelling it.
  • Finally, your HBO Now membership will be cancelled universally, regardless of your viewing platform.

Therefore, it can be easily seen that by following the above methods, one can easily cancel his or her HBO Now subscription, in no time. The process will be just simple, easy and effective, and you no longer have to deal with extra charges to your bank account or wallet. You can re-join the service whenever you want again in the future.

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