6 Best White Noise Apps for iPhone

Are you having a sleepless night?

Is this condition making it difficult for you to focus and ace your professional life?

If you answered yes, you are going through insomnia or the lack of ability to sleep. And surprisingly, it is pretty standard and affects around 800 Million people worldwide.

Don’t worry though. White noise can help you tackle insomnia.

White noise is the kind of sound that is produced when you mix all types of frequencies that you can hear with a human ear. It is analogical to how white light is produced by mixing all wavelengths of light that can be seen by a human eye together.

The biggest boon that white noise provides is the fact that it masks every other noise that is produced and can be heard by the human ear.

Although it sounds a bit counter-intuitive that adding more noise can help you sleep more comfortable and better, it is true. Your brain starts getting habituated to white noise without getting startled by it, and since it drowns out other noise stimuli, it is harder to be disturbed and awakened by the unexpected stimulus of sound.

With technology advancing leaps and bounds, we have solutions to produce white noise right at your fingertips as an application on your smartphone.

Here are some of the Best White Noise Apps available on the App Store that generate white noise and other sounds on your iPhone and help you sleep better:

1. Sleep Pillow

Sleep Pillow is one of the best applications available in the App Store that can help you sleep better.

It gives you the freedom of choosing from a library of different soothing sounds, select three sounds among them, mix it up and create your white noise.

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This straightforward and easy to use interface helps in not just creating white noise that is customized to suit your preference but also to adjust the volume of the sounds available and slightly change them as per your requirements.

Working on a freemium model, this app offers the user the freedom to mix upto3 sounds from a small part of their vast sound library in the free version. The timer is also set for no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes in the free version. At a very reasonable price, you can get additional access to the complete library of 280 sounds, offering a plethora of different options to mix and match according to your requirements.

Apart from this, you also get access to unlimited sleep timers, snooze enabled fading alarms and a mix of more than three sounds that you can create.

Looking at the number of benefits it gives, it is totally value for money to get the paid version of this application. Add to that an easy-to-use user interface and intuitive layout, and we get a clear winner.

This app stays true to its tagline in whichever version you use it – With this app, you will sleep tonight, guaranteed.

2. Binaural β

Have you ever had this experience where your brain goes into a trance when you hear the same rhythmic form of music again and again?
Scientifically, the creation of binaural beats brings the brain in a relaxed state by forming a 4.5 beats per second low-theta brainwave.

Which is a big jargon-loaded way to say that it helps you to relieve your brain of all the stress and thoughts that act as hindrances to sleep!

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Binaural is a beautiful and straightforward application created by Giorgio Calderolla, available for free on the App Store that makes it extremely easy to generate binaural beats.

With Binaural, you can select any frequency of your choice, hit the play button and lay back and relax.  The app will generate binaural beats in the selected frequency for you and will help you relax your mind quickly.

You also have the options of matching the beats to a color personifying the mood that your mind is in.

Add to that the freedom to time the period for which you want binaural beats to be played, at the end of which the beats will fade out gently without making an abrupt change in noise, which may affect your sleep.

3. Rain Sleep Sounds

The app also offers the choice of mixing the beats with rain sounds to create white noise, helping to sleep better.

It can also be instrumental in helping you enter a meditative headspace at ease.

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At an affordable price, you can unlock all in-app features and enjoy this extremely loveable product to the fullest.

This app offers a wide variety of natural sounds, like raindrops, ocean waves, rustling leaves in the forest and so on to create loveable white noise sounds.

This is hugely effective as many of our brain associates nature and natural environment with peace and relaxation. Hence, inducing white noise based on these natural sounds can help in creating a super-relaxed state.

Most of the sound effects offered by Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is free, especially a pulsating effect and the fading sensation that provides a realistic feel to the white noise created by the application.

The catalog of sounds is itself an attractive value proposition to use this app.
The variety of natural sounds available on the app like thunderstorms, fountains, cat purrs, etc. are commendable.

What’s more, the app offers a sleep timer up to 25 hours, a bedtime reminder to notify you when it is time to sleep and an option to run the sounds in the background while using your phone regularly.

But you can only choose and mix upto3 sounds only and might need internet connectivity at all times to play the sounds. However, that is not a big deal when you look at the fantastic features it provides, all for extremely reasonable prices.

4. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

This fantastic application provides a library of mechanical sounds, unlike the previous application that offers only nature-based sounds.

Be it the sound of a fan, an air conditioner, a washing machine or a dryer – this application has it all. It creates perfect white noises which can be played using Airplay on your Apple TV.

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It also helps you to categorize the sounds to help you select the one which would be the most suitable for you.

You can also keep a fader for the sound you play, oscillate the sound between your left and right speakers and keep a sleep timer of up to 1 hour.

The app does not offer the freedom of mixing multiple sounds at a time,and you can play only one sound at a time.

Unlocking the premium feature at an affordable price removes all the limits and unlocks all features available in the application.

5. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite by TMSOFT has a unique offering. It allows you to record your custom sound recordings to create your own unique mix of white noise.

You can play your soothing voice to your baby to help induce sleep or record your office or home sounds and play it on a loop to help induce sleep effectively.

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You can choose a mix of upto5 sounds from the sound library or recorded sounds, adjust the intensity of the white noise created using a sound map that produces 3D sound effects and set a timer for looping the sound intervals – all for free!

The paid version that you can purchase for a reasonable price gets rid of all ads and gives complete access to the pre-recorded sound library.

This is one app that we would recommend to everyone.

6. Coffitivity

Coffitivity is a simple app that plays the ambient noise of a coffee shop, like people talking, cups being washed, orders being given and so on.

This provides a fantastic ambiance noise that can help you relax and even boost productivity. The app has only three pre-recorded background sounds, whose intensity you can control.

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But the most fantastic part about the app is that you can connect your Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Rdio and so on to the application so that you can relax with your music with this noise playing in the background.

Hence, this fantastic app can be used for building productivity and boosting concentration.

This brilliant app by Coffitivity LLC is worth a try if you are looking to improve productivity and relax.


Sleep is the most important activity that we do in a day.

It helps our brain go into recharge mode to get refreshed for the next day. With the hustle and bustle and pressures of our urban life, it has become more and more difficult to relax the mind and shut down.

Quality sleep is becoming a far-fetched luxury for some. White noise helps in relaxing your brain through well-researched scientific procedures. Using these white noise apps which can be downloaded at the click of a few buttons from your App Store can help you get quality sleep and relax your mind.

This can make you more productive and refreshed for the next day.