5 best beer apps for IOS and Android

These apps made specifically for beer are meant to target beer lovers and improve their past and present time experiences. Some people do not give much thought about the beer they are going to consume but, it is not same in case of the ones who love trying a new beer every time they go out.

They look for the information they can gather about the beers, and that is when these apps come into play. These apps can suggest you what drinks complement the fish you just ordered and can easily get you alerts related to the best-updated drinks offered by the brews near you. It used to be a daunting task earlier, but, now it’s just a piece of cake.

These apps are present for both iPhone and Android users. So you have the below-mentioned options to get the best out these apps.


Untappd is an excellent app made for beer aficionados. It has the best features and is user-friendly, simple in design, and you can check the number of downloads to know about its popularity. When a user wants to know about his/her nearest beer bars, he can look through a variety of options that are available.

In addition to this, he can go through all the user reviews and pictures posted there so that he gets a rough idea of the place he will be headed to. It has tons of functions and features which you can explore on your own. Some of them help you to track your records of the beers you have had till now, and can also suggest the other ones based on your previous ratings and experience. 

They also let you earn some badges if you try different beers from different countries. You can easily get notified for updates from your favorite bars, which you reviewed as genuine/authentic. You get the information about your friends’ location and the drinks they are enjoying. It is free to download for both IOS and Android systems. But if you want all the benefits of this app, you’ll have to pay for it. 

The paid version will give you the access to make and edit lists of beer easily, along with updating your menu on all social media platforms.  


Just like Untappd, you can get to know about the best bars, breweries, and restaurants closest to you and what drink are they serving. The best thing about this app is that you can enter what you prefer and you will get the live menu of the places that match your preferences.

If you want some drink, in particular, you will get a notification when that beverage you are looking for is being served at someplace near you. How cool is it? You can get all these features once you download this app for free, for both IOS and Android users.

BJCP Styles

The full form of BJCP is the Beer Judge Certification Program. This application aims to provide you with all the information that goes with any drink you are looking for. You can easily get to know everything from history to the process of brewing it, its taste, statistics, color, and comparisons with other types.

It goes really deep with its knowledge sharing. It can help to know a lot about every type of beer available around you. You can go through any menu easily once you have gone through this app. It is available on both IOS and Android systems, but it isn’t free. You can get it for $4.99.

Beer Buddy

Beer Buddy is full of amazing features, just like the other applications. It runs through a vast database to provide you with the data you entered as a query. The only difference between this app and others is that it enables you to scan the barcode of the drink you have to know anything you like about it. It is the best app that is suitable for you if you want instant search results.

It merged with the app called RateBeer, and they both are similar in their functioning. Just like others, it tells you everything about the closest pretty good bars and restaurants around you. To be sure about some venue, you can read the available user reviews and decide accordingly. You can also search for the best beer with filters such as country and season.

Next Glass

This application has something which other apps don’t have, label scanning. You can scan the label and get suggestions of the craft beer brews or restaurants you might be interested in. User can add the drinks he likes in the Taste Profile, and after going through the user’s database, this app can recommend the best matching venues and drinks to the users. 

This also gives all the user access to get detailed knowledge about the particular beer, share his reviews, and save something for the next experience. It can be downloaded as an APK easily and free of cost for Android. 

There are plenty of applications you just went through, and they have that capability in them to help you out whenever you are in need, and hence can help you to choose the best for you. So, download them, try them, and then keep the one you find the best amongst all.